Today I finally bought Rihanna's new CD! I have been wanting to make it mine since it hit the shelves; but I have this thing with waiting to purchase CDs so the suspense builds up and then on days like today the suspense becomes too much and I buy it. Wah-La! It is aaalllll mine.
Over the years I've liked quite a few of Rihanna's songs, but none of them have compared to the songs on this album. I literally like every one of them and the album artwork is incredible. For those of you thinking it's lame to still buy CDs, well....I think it's lame not to. You don't know what you're missing out on just by having the glossy pictures in your hand. It completes the music. And more specifically about Rihanna, these pictures are perfection. Her style is the kind of style I strive for and I love how her bold attitude spills over into her look and music. I personally can't listen to a Rihanna song without busting a few signature moves or singing along and feeling absolutely incredible even if the story involves shooting a man down or the use of sexual paraphernalia. Somehow she makes it seem not so bad... and in some strange way I appreciate her "honesty". I guess a lot of what I really think is cool about her is the overall tough-girl persona she gives off. She looks so cute, fresh, and girly while still letting you know she could take you down with little effort. I fell in love with these pictures so here's a few happy moments I shared with the album and the gorgeous album artwork I keep rambling on about. ENJOY! 

Might I also add: am I the only one that changes the lyrics to "What's My Name?" to "Oh-na-na what's my name?.....Ri-ha-nna. That's her name."? haha.


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