Sweet discoveries

Today I was going through the dreadful process of discarding the stuff in my room that I no longer want, need, use, or should have ever had in the first place. These kind of tasks always make for a long day and since I've been dabbling in this for about a week now the chore of being "organized" has become even more daunting. So here I sit. Going through mass amounts of clothes and magazines (because I hoard them like they're gold...and come on, they kind of are) and shoes and movies and blah blah blah when I come across my old and rather dusty Kelly Sweet CD. Let me just say, for once I am glad to be going through my old things. I love her songs and it's like I got a new CD, or a few new ones if you count 98°and JLo and Celine Dion and the rest of them. So today didn't turn out so bad after all. Hope yours was pretty spectacular, too. 

love love love,

These pictures really have nothing to do with today at all. They're from the other day when my mom had to pay a speeding ticket in town. 
Ah, the good ol' days. 


  1. I like the lip gloss pictures. Very sensual and intimate. Plus I just have a general weakness to lipgloss on pretty girls. :)

  2. Well thank you. I'm glad you thoroughly enjoyed them. lol. I have a general weakness for wearing it. ;)