Edge of Desire

These are just a few pictures I took on a little trip to the beach with my mom Friday. As I always enjoy hanging out with my mom, we had a fun time catching a few hours of sun and then even made time to stop by a little beach shop along the drive home. They had all sorts of lighthouses, painted sculptures, wind chimes, paintings, and other beachy ornaments. I, in particular, took to the glass globes that always make me feel like if I look hard enough at them that I'll be in some sort of "wonderland" world of my own. (I'm guessing it's partially the rounded reflection gleaming back at me that makes me feel like it's some alternate universe about to suck me in. That, or I just have what I like to call an extended imagination.) 
Here's just a few clips from our beautiful day by the water. Take a peak at the 10th picture and you might get the essence of what I meant about the glass globe. 
Meredith Pritchard 

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