After a few days in Miami, my days and nights have completely been swapped around and my love for the beach and fashion has expanded. A select group of us helped out backstage at Miami Beach International Fashion Week and it truly was a wonderful experience. Not only were there some of the most beautiful garments but we also spoke to some of the designers and worked first hand dressing the models. Of course there were some mishaps along the way. I lost my camera after my first full day there, so not only was I out a camera, but also every picture and video I had taken that far. I tried my best to regroup and not let it ruin the rest of my trip, but when your camera's basically your best friend it can prove extremely challenging. HOWEVER, I made the best of it and bought a cheaper camera to finish out the rest of my trip. I really hate I lost the other beautiful photos and videos I had, but on the positive side of things, at least I didn't have as many editing decisions to make when choosing from a smaller selection of videos.
I hope you enjoy this video as much as I enjoyed my trip!


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