Valentine's Day is about to fly in from cupid's arrow and while I have no one to "be mine", I'm still loving Valentine's Day. (how appropriate.) It's this time of year where everything's a little more femine, frilly, playful, and just overall more lovely that puts me in a mood to where I can't help but smile. Sure it could be a reminder of how "you" don't have a special someone...but so what? There's a reason. And for whatever reason, it still makes you think of that wonderful person you haven't met yet, or all the great love stories you've read or watched in black & white (the great ones in color count, too). Plus there are flowers and ribbons and lace and lots of candy. Kind of can't get more perfect than an excuse to overdose on chocolate. So with all this love and perfume and music in the air, I decided to take some pictures to celebrate and get in the Valentine spirit.

hershey kisses,

& love, such a silly game we play.

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