Every year when Thanksgiving emerges from this gorgeous weather, families unite, the Macy's day parade fills our television screens and we literally gobble down food (no pun intended) because it is, afterall, some of the best of all home-cooked meals. I love Thanksgiving. It's one of the only holiday's where presents aren't expected and we all still adore it just as much. One of my favorite parts, and most moving parts, of this holiday is actually taking the time to, stop. and think about all of the many things I am truly thankful for. So here it goes. My never ending list of things I am so appreciative to have in my life.

Of course I am so in love with my God. He's blessed me with life and has given me the best parents that I am so thankful for. Not only that, but he has given me a best friend in a mother. Someone I can talk to about absolutely anything no matter how trivial a subject.
I am also so thankful for my friend Roxanne. She is honestly a beautiful person inside and out and I look up to her and appreciate her pure personality so so much.
I am grateful for all of my other friends and all of my other family memebers.
My Poppy always stands out in my mind as someone who I look up to, so for him I am thankful.
I am truly grateful for the person I am and the things I stand for.
I am also thankful for the sky. Every time I look up and see the sky I am honestly amazed at it's beauty and how it changes so much but always remains gorgeous, especially this time of year.
I'm thankful for every little conversation that sparks laughter.
For photos, for fashion, for delicious food, for movies, for dance, for emotions, for singing at the top of my lungs, for different types of beauty, for the beach, for music...
And I am thankful for so much more.

Thank you for reading, and Happy Thanksgiving.

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